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I was born into a family of avid bhakti yoga practitioners, but for most of my childhood I took spirituality for granted. Everything changed when I was sixteen. My father offered to pay me $100 to read the ancient wisdom text Bhagavad Gita. Eager to become a rich teenager, I accepted his offer. However, it completely changed my life and perspective, and touched my heart so deeply that I refused to accept the money!

With a burning desire to dedicate my life to living and sharing spiritual wisdom, I became a monk on my eighteenth birthday. For five years I lived in various monasteries across the United States and India, studying under world renowned teachers and intermittently traveling the world.

Madhu is an incredible teacher! He tailors each session based on my goals and progress. His charisma and constant encouragement motivates me to work hard. With stories from his experience, his theoretical knowledge and ability to make us laugh, Madhu is a unique and inspiring teacher that everyone can benefit from. The sessions help you on a path of self discovery, helping you to explore and unlock obstacles that could be limiting your potential.

- Meera J.

When I graduated the monastery, I was eager to bring my passion out into the world. Not knowing how to build a sustainable career out of my offerings, I traveled profusely for years, working tirelessly to network and arrange workshops where I could share the knowledge and tools I had learned as a monk. But I was struggling to make ends meet, barely covering my travel expenses.

I was overworking my body and mind. Scattered and constantly on the go, I felt enriched by my teaching work, but at the same time my personal and spiritual lives were suffering, and I wasn’t able to spend the quality time with my wife that I wanted. I had settled for this life, accepting that maybe I just didn’t deserve more. I was afraid of what it might take to truly build the life I wanted.

Thankfully, under the guidance of expert teachers and coaches, I learned how to integrate my purpose and offerings into a sustainable business model. I launched Madhu Life and it quickly grew into a 6+ figure business.

Madhuri Pura has had a profound effect on my life. His spiritual guidance is straightforward and based on realized knowledge from the ancient yoga wisdom literatures. Essentially he makes sense of how to be a spiritualist in the modern (material) world. I can’t tell you how much I’ve benefited from his loving guidance and insight.

- Scott D.

My mission is to help my clients thrive in all aspects of their lives, and become empowered leaders with practical tools to make a huge impact in the world. I am particularly inspired to guide others in their own conscious entrepreneurial endeavors, because this is something I struggled with for so long.

I love teaching more than anything. I’m passionate about making ancient, transformative Vedic arts and sciences relevant and accessible for everyone, while still preserving their authenticity and purity. First and foremost though, I remain an avid student. This, I strongly believe, is the qualification of a teacher.