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September 16-27


Madhuri Pura Dasa is a former monk turned 6+ figure conscious business and lifestyle coach.

As a monk, Madhu built an intense spiritual practice and studied Vedic arts and philosophy under renowned masters, all while traveling the world, serving and inspiring communities in 5 different continents.

In 2020, driven by the desire to have a bigger platform from which to serve and share life changing knowledge and practices, he founded Madhu Life.

Madhu has helped hundreds of clients optimize their physical and mental health through the ancient healing science of Ayurveda, upgrade their spiritual life and joy through developing sustainable Bhakti practices, all while gaining clarity on and actualizing their career and service ambitions.

Clarifying what it means to be spiritual in the material world, Madhu teaches conscious influencers how to build or expand their own business, while simultaneously earning massive incomes with integrity and grace. He is celebrated for his ability to support clients in making these business and lifestyle transformations fun, easy, and sustainable; and empowering them to offer the same for others.





Madhu has helped hundreds of people holistically and sustainably upgrade their quality and ease of life.

I’ve been coaching spiritualists for three years now; utilizing my years of training as a monk combined with my own experience building my business to give my clients the knowledge and tools to attain massive results.
They are transforming all aspects of their lives — their physical, mental, and spiritual health and their career — and having a huge impact in helping others do the same.

I am so grateful and humbled to be able to say that 100% of my 1:1 clients have seen the results they were hoping for! They are gaining clarity in their life’s purpose; they are building the mindset, habits, and lifestyle to support that mission; they are building conscious businesses doing what they love and making a huge impact, all while generating 6+ figure incomes.